Premium Fish Food

"The value of Italian production, combined with research"

When we come to the need to feed our fish, unless we own a densely planted aquarium, or aquarium with high oxidizing filters (trickle filters) we are faced to the need to feed rarely in order to avoid the overload of the filter. In aquaria populated by a lot of fish, with beautiful plants, or corals it is nevertheless important to avoid the need of medicine treatment to keep also the bacteria population of the filter in perfect conditions.
Details that should be considered once choosing the fish food!

Formulated with High Quality Ingredients, providing High Digestibility and Palatability, ELOS SV, is the first high-nutrition fish food range dedicated to the aquarium's species, as well as to the biological balance of the aquarium. 


Breeders’ words:

  • Since its introduction in 1997 it has been proven by top fish breeders that Elos SV can be used to enhance fishes' immunity and successfully strengthen their resistance against bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. All this possible thanks to:

    The addition of Beta-Glucans

    natural substances which, stimulate the macrophages, specialized cells that reduce the pathogenic agents development.

  • Post-extrusion vitamin enrichment

    Implementing the OSCAR technology, a "post-extrusion" system to increase its nutrition level, increasing the level of Bio-availability thus reducing the need of over-feeding.

  • LT Raw Materials

    Using Low temperature Extrusion, and LT raw material, where heat-sensitive nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins are unharmed.

With Betaglucans

to improve fishes' resistance and survival rates

With astaxanthin

High natural astaxanthin pigment levels: to enhance fish colors

Added Aminoacids

Superior nutritional profiles: excellent amino acid profile, high levels of highly unsaturated fatty acids, etc.

High digestibility

 thanks to the "post-extrusion" addition of enzymes to increase its digestibilty and absorption rate

High conversion

Potent flavourant/feed attractant: resulting in improved feed uptake and Food Conversion Ratios (FCRs)

No Poliphosfate

we have reduced the need to exceed with preservatives thus significantly reducing the level of PO4 released to the water.

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