Coral foods

“ELOS Coral foods: recommended from world class aquarist"

In natural seawater, corals benefit from the abundant presence of zooxanthellae and planktonic material that offers them the nourishment to live and grow. In the modern Reefkeeping practice that intentionally reduces the presence of organic nourishment, this lack of nutrients can impair the presence and growth of zooxanthellae, and unfortunately, can take the life of corals and the entire aquarium to a delicate and precarious equilibrium.

On the opposite, feeding your corals with un-proper food can easily increase the level of nutrients (NO3-PO4) thus making our colorful tank become brownish.

ELOS was the first to discover that in closed systems, some species of corals (mainly SPS) significantly benefit (better colors and more rapid growth) from a reduced addition of organic additives (dissolved organic material), but only when compensated by a selective addition of high quality nourishment. In 1997, based on our groundbreaking and innovative research, ELOS introduced to the market a "Trio" of products to feed our corals. Omega, Pro-Skimmer, SVC

After more than 20 years from their introduction, these products are still regarded as the best “Organic” additives available to the aquarium market. Their unique formula, will enhance the function of zooplankton in closed system thus reducing the need of other food for your system, thereby significantly reducing the level of dissolved organics and the nitrogenous waste that can be a by- product of protein metabolism.


ELOS Triplet

  • Since their introduction in 1997 it has been proven by top coral breeders that ELOS Triplet for Corals is extremely beneficial in order to recreate near NSW water quality.

    Omega: amminoacids

    ELOS Omega is still regarded, after 25 years from its introduction to the market, as one of the best Amino Acid additives.

  • ProSkimmer: complex carbohydrates

    ELOS ProSkimmer supplies complex carbohydrates which provide an immediate source of energy for cellular respiration as well an important energy source beneficial for a faster biosynthesis of amino acids.

  • svC: enriched zooplankton

    A high-concentrated, enriched, bio-engineered marine zooplankton supplement, ideal for filter-feeding marine invertebrates.

ELOS Sience.M1

  • the innovative food for SPS and LPS by ELOS.

    Designed to remain in suspension without dissolving for at least 45-60 minutes, ELOS Sience.M1 facilitates complete absorption by the filter feeders in the tank, reducing pollution from organic substances, as occurs with traditional or homemade additives.

    An innovation that, after years of research, only our laboratories have been able to develop.