Absolute Line Cabinet

High Quality cabinets for your aquarium

ELOS has always offered its customers high quality products. Today, with the new ABSOLUTE LINE Cabinets has surpassed itself.
Made of powder-coated steel, totally demontable to reduce transport costs, equipped with glossy PVC cover panels, fixed to the structure with magnets to simplify maintenance and permit easy access to the SUMP filter.

Our new cabinets will become a fundamental element in the furnishing of your home.

Designed to last, they are available for all the aquariums in our range starting from our POOL 75 up to 200XL

It's an ELOS aquarium - a total new experience!


Totally demountable

An extraordinary convenience!

ELOS has certainly taught in the creation of aquarium cabinets. We can undoubtedly say that many world-class manufacturers have literally copied the way of building aquariums and cabinets from us!
Today, thanks to the new Absolute line cabinets, ELOS raises the bar again ... we'll see how long it will take our competitors to copy us!

In the meantime, ELOS Absolute is the most innovative and practical cabinet available on the Aquarium market today.
A cabinet that embodies the strength qualities of metal, to the unparalleled practicality that can be obtained from a fully demountable cabinet, with panels fixed by magnets.

ELOS Absolute: the new frontier of aquarium cabinets!

Basic feature


Magnetic panels

All panels are fixed by magnets and therefore easily removable for simplified access to the SUMP and components placed inside the cabinet itself.


Delivered as DIY Kit

The cabinet is supplied completely disassembled, equipped with a simple manual with instructions for assembly. In this way the transport will be much simpler and cheaper.


Easy assembly

The whole cabinet is assembled with 16 screws ... for a truly unique assembly simplicity. Anyone will be able, in a short time, to assemble an entire cabinet!


A cabinet that you can customize according to your preferences

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Gray frames, white PVC panels.

Rosso Ferrari frame, white PVC panels.

White frame, white PVC panels.

Cabinet range