ELOS Aquascaping

The power to change the game!

ELOS is certainly known for larger aquariums, this does not mean that we do not pay attention even to those of limited size .. on the contrary!

With the Aquascaping line, ELOS offers a series of small aquariums, starting from 5 liters up to 110 liters.
A range of aquariums made in Diamond Vision Crystal, glued in transparent silicon, equipped with glass lid and mat *.
And for those who want it, ELOS offers a natural wood base, a stand and an LED lamp with unparalleled characteristics!

It's an ELOS aquarium - a totally new experience!

* the neoprene mat and the glass cover are not supplied with models 43 and 60.


Diamond Vision Glass

An Extraordinary transparence!

DiamondVision glass. ELOS lead the market in the realization of aquariums through the use of the ExtraClear Glass.
ELOS today, is the first in the world, to offer the new ELOS DiamondVision glass, for a "crystalline" view of the inhabitants of your aquarium!

ELOS DiamondVision glass combines the qualities of scratch resistance of the ELOS ExtraClear glass, adding a unique transparency.
Thanks to a light transmission of 92% and a colour rendering of 99% the aquariums of the new

DiamondLine will offer an extraordinary view of the inhabitants of your aquarium.


Natural wooden base

A classy addition

It is possible to equip your aquarium with an elegant natural wood base, which can hide electrical equipment inside or can simply serve to embellish your setup.


Natural Wood table

Enhance your creation

With a minimal design, handcrafted in natural wood, with a black lacquered base hand polished by our craftsmen, and an acrylic shelf, the natural wood table will not disfigure both in the most modern or in the most classic environments.

Available for aquarium models 43 and 60
A touch of exclusivity for design lovers!


ELOS Stella


RGB lamp, perfect for illuminating small freshwater aquariums, has a maximum coverage of approximately 50x50 cm.

Aquascape aquarium Range

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