Company Profile

It's hard to imagine an aquarium, without thinking about ELOS. Today, after more than 20 years as producers, ELOS is been regarded worldwide as the standard-setting, leading manufacturer, of aquarium products.
Many were the innovative solutions that we have introduced to the market, both in term of design and functionality.

No coincidence that we have patented the first "color changing light" in the aquarium, which simulates the spectral variations between day and night, between sunrise and sunset. No coincidence that we have been the first company to introduce the UV-P screen on metal halide bulbs. No coincidence that we have been the first company to introduce the led light, for the illumination of aquarium.

The lighting was and is still undoubtedly one of the main theme of our projects. But not everything of course. ELOS is a leading global manufacturer of high quality aquariums. For many years, other companies have tried to imitate us, with doubtful results.

Our success is based on an uncompromising, quality-oriented approach, from the first stage of the selection of the glass, to the development and the manufacture of our aquariums. This gives our customer the certainty of acquiring a product with unsurpassed quality, reliability and lasting value; an investment that usually survives over the time and is passed from hand to hand when the customer decide to move to a bigger or newer model. Although ELOS aquariums certainly are not cheap, hobbyist know from their daily experience that they are worth the cost. Many owners of aquariums also dream of someday having “an ELOS aquarium” of their own.

We also, first on the world market, introduced a controller for aquarium that simulated seasonal variability of illumination level and temperature.
Also in the field of supplements, first in the world, we have pioneered the integration of Magnesium, which today has become a normal practice in marine aquarium keeping. The same applies to Amino-acids, and, in freshwater, the use of enzymes to enhance the action of bacteria and fertilizers. In fish food we was the first to introduce the use of Beta-glucans, not to mention the manufacturing technology of our fish foods, still unique in the world, which provides for the enrichment of essential nutrients in a vacuum system to improve the bio-availability* of our foods, reducing the organic load in the tank and ensuring breeders unexpected results.

Despite all this innovations and all the progress in machines and production technology, all our equipments and aquariums involve a great deal of hand-craft job, upon which the quality of our products and our reputation ultimately depend.
… finally this is what we are: we are a company that make carefully hand crafted products, for enthusiasts.