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ELOS AquaTEST Nitrate - HR

ELOS Nitrate High Resolution is the definitive Nitrate testing kit. 
Designed for "extreme Reef” fans, it is a Test Kit that finally allows you to accurately control the level of nitrates in the very low range area. With a color chart which indicates the presence of Nitrates already at 0.15ppm, this test will provide all the elements for managing reef aquariums, where it is necessary to keep under control the level of nutrients in order to get an appropriate coloring of the most demanding SPS.
Flanked to Phosfate High Resolution Professional Test Kit it becomes a tool that should always be in the cabinet of the most demanding Reefer.


It is the new line of tools for the set-up and maintenance of the plants layout in freshwater aquariums. An essential range, made with the utmost attention to each detail.
Adorned with a natural Blue sapphire, to align the design of the Blue Line CO2 glasses, also recently introduced on the market.


It is a beautiful, yet highly functional equipment.
The design of this accessory has been studied to simplify the distribution of the CO2 in the MIDDLE sized aquarium.
Connected to the external canister filter, the ELOS BluePIPE will make it much more efficient administration of CO2 in your aquarium.


Built in Diamond Line Crystal, like our DiamondLine aquarium range, this line of aquariums offers superior transparency and quality.
Built with thick glass, glued with Crystalline Silicon, an exclusively ELOS, these beautiful aquariums, offer extremely pure lines, made to last.

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