Advanced Formula Fertilizers

The Re-evolution of Aquarium fertilization

Advanced Formula

“The value of the Quality made in Italy, combined to the Research”.

Our Advanced Fertilizers Range have been developed for the most advanced users.

Creata in the Lab, tested for 5 years in tanks.

A range of fertilizers borned in Aquarium!

Through ELOS I share to the world market dedicated to aquarium plants, the need for a new line of supplements bringing synergy to the nutrition of plants in the Aquarium.
These are not just fertilisers in the sense that we are accustomed to using, but are much more.
ELOS ADVANCED FORMULA combines the knowledge of years of study, and careful experimentation in densely laid out aquariums - a new way of conceiving ‘fertilisation’. A full line of supplements capable not only of providing every element necessary for lush plant growth, but a real ‘program’, providing if correctly used – a balanced and proper relationship between all nutrients.

Just a few ml of product is required to achieve target concentrations much sought after by every aquarist. The ratio N/P/K 1/10/20, is easily achieved by simply delivering the quantity of fertiliser indicated in the Protocol Table printed on the pack of each bottle.

ELOS ADVANCED FORMULA is also highly cost-effective, due to the high concentration - guaranteeing long product life even in large aquariums.
The extreme versatility of the ELOS ADVANCED FORMULA line can offer custom fertilisation programs easily adjusted and adapted by the enthusiast, that - regardless of quantity dispensed - focus on target concentration of each individual element.

Advanced Formula

Fertilization Program

ELOS Advanced Formula

NEW: a cutting-edge formulation, the result of care-ful experimentation and research of the raw materials used.

VERSATILE: the high concentration of nutrients contained in the formulations of ELOS ADVANCED FORMULA, allows a dissociated nutrition of aquarium plants, making it easy to use not only by the most demanding of aquarists, but also by the neophyte.

COMPLETE: the formulations that make up the line, allow separate measurement of the major macro-nu-trients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), along with iron and microelements, therefore enabling provi-sion for the specific needs of the Aquarium and plants grown within.


Thanks to the extensive range and the 1ml dosing pump.


2 ml of each products treats 30 lt. of aquarium water


Thanks to the simplified Table that shows how to use it.


To several tank sizes. We offer 100-250-500ml bottles, each with proper dose

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