Essential filter


ELOS Essential Filter is based on the modular adaptation of its volume. A filter that can evolve to a different size by connecting to the “pump module”, or the “body module” whichever is more suitable.


essential F-40

External filtering system for medium sized aquariums. Made of stainless steel the central body can be changed to fit the size of most aquariums.

essential F-100

External filtering system for medium size aquariums. Made of stainless steel the central body can be changed to fit the size of more tanks. Easy to maintain thanks to the top inflow.

F40 - 170 D40 x H170 (mm) - max 20 lt.
F40 - 250 D40 x H250 (mm) - max 30 lt.
F100 - 150 D100 x H150 (mm)  -  max 75 lt.
F100 - 250 D100 x H250 (mm) - max 140 lt.
F100 - 300 D100 x H300 (mm) - max 180 lt.

Outflow - Inflow - BluePipe

A simple outflow that carries the water from the filter to improves gas exchange for low and midground plants.
Inflow , fördet das Wasser zu dem aussenfilter ohne gefahr für kleine Fische und Garnelen.
BluePipe is an outflow that carries and inject CO2 to the water. Thanks to the in-line diffuser it eliminates the need to have a diffuser placed inside the tank.


An “essential line, clean and high performing. A line “essential” in price, without compromising the quality in terms of performance and design: ESSENTIAL, the new Italian frontier of accessories for planted aquarium. A series of new aquariums: beautiful, stylish and sturdy, made with clear silicon and transparent crystal glass. Aquarium stands, hand made in Italy, with precious wood made by the skilled hands of master craftsmen. The new ELOS filters: beautiful and quiet. Pure steel that is the setting for a new and innovative biological and mechanical filtration system. The new LED bars and LED lights that add to the quality of the LED innovation, the elegance of Elos lines. And then the pride of the ESSENTIAL line: new accessories for the cultivation of aquarium plants, scissors, tweezers and CO2 diffusers with clean lines and attractive with a new original touch. The new “in-flow” and “out-flow”. Attractive, elegant, transparent and a breath taking silhouette even for small aquariums. It’s a privilege to share with you, ESSENTIAL, the new ELOS concept.

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